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Hi there and welcome to Idaho Falls Dental Group! For those of you who know us… hope you like the new site. To all you new guys… hope you like the site — ha ha.

W intend to use this blog to bring you up-to-date dental news, new services, offers, deals and maybe even the odd membership. Don’t be surprised if we cover things slightly off the beaten track either — we like to mix things up every once in a while.

For our first post, we would like to cover something we’ve been seeing a lot of lately… cavities! We’ve probably conjured up memories of fear in all of you… but we’re gonna try and keep this post light hearted. So with out further a do:

Cavities — Myths and Facts

Sugar is the only thing to cause cavities… MYTH. We’ve all heard this strange little myth. The fact is that cavities can be created by a whole host of issues. Some can be genetic in the sense that some people’s teeth are more prone to cavities than other, while the vast majority are related to dental hygiene habits. Oh… and by the way… the fact is that sugar is the cause of more than 90 percent of cavities… so the myth is almost true.

Once treatment has been issued, decay stops… FACT. So… if you’re reading this and haven’t plucked up the courage to come see us… make sure you pick up the phone an book an appointment quick/sharp! Once a cavity is treated, decay stops — period. Left untreated… complications can arise.

Acid is a cause of cavities… FAAAAAACT. Bacteria linked with tooth decay produces acid that destroys enamel (the stuff that coats your teeth). Brush, floss and use mouth wash… otherwise you’re gonna need some work. This is good for business but bad news if you don’t like dentists.

Everyone knows when they have a cavity… MYTH. By the time you know it, the cavity has spread to such an extent that it is causing issues. Cavities start small and can go unnoticed. The solution? Regular checkups!

Kids get more cavities than adults… MYTH. This just isn’t true. Adults on the most part get faaaaar more tooth-decay issues on average than children. So next time you think of eating that Twinky before bedtime… think again.

You’ll need to replace your fillings… MYTH… FACT… MACT? Fillings may need replacing but it depends on several factors: Do you regularly brush your teeth (ie twice a day)? Do you floss? Do you regularly see your dentist? Do you have any underlying issues? Are you prone to tooth decay? Have you had a traumatic accident. This being said… and assuming a typical lifestyle, eating habits, hygiene habits and such… you shouldn’t need to have a filling replaced.

So, we hope this has been helpful, if you liked this post please feel free to share it using the social media share buttons below. For now, it’s good bye… but please do check back for future posts, insights and news.

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